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 Draplin : I’d like to think I have a big heart. Sure, I talk tough but just beneath the rough-n-tumble, nauseating surface, is big softie who takes the time to write each freaked-out college student back, review a spirited portfolio or find the time to answer an exhaustive list of questions from inquiring minds. Yeah, proof that my heart is in the right place with this design stuff. But of course, that’s speaking “figuratively.”

If we shift to the “literal” sense, I’m pretty sure I have a big heart in my chest. Considering the size of my medicine ball head, it could be a softball sized pile of sinew that has been pumping all these 38 years. Hard to say. I want to keep it that way. A month ago a doc told me, “We have people come in at 60 years old, with hearts that have been overworked and are the size of grapefruit.”

That one stuck with me.

I’m on my first medication, ever. It’s a high blood pressure pill to take the edge off a bit. Not really proud of it, but will do what the doc says, and, make a pledge to move the girth a whole lot more. And this means a little pill each day, and more movement. I’m doing my best. Might only be for a couple months, might be longer. This shit runs in the family, but that’s no excuse.

So I made a pillbox to carry a week’s worth of pills. Just a little box. Holds 10-11 of the little guys. Maybe 5-6 Advils? Just a couple big horse pill painkillers? It’s doing the job.

Product Details :

01. Simple. Good for pills of other small things.
02. 1-1/4” x 3/8” in dimension. Compact little size.
03. Weird white plastic. Clean and neat and hygienic.
04. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
05. Makes a nice addition to purse, dopp kit or front pocket..
06. Fierce black imprint. Branding, done well.

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DDC Brand Pill Box

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