Fort Monroe (Limited Edition) - Print
Fort Monroe (Limited Edition) - Print

Fort Monroe (Limited Edition) - Print

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Fort Monroe played a significant role in the American Civil War. 
This print, dated June 16, 1861, came only two weeks after Major General Butler decreed that, during the Civil War, escaping slaves who reached Union lines would be considered “contraband” and not returned to slavery. 
Fort Monroe became known as “Freedom’s Fortress”,
as any slave reaching it would be considered free
The poster called for 250 sailors at least 5 foot 4 and able bodied to join the Virginia Coast Guard. 
These reproductions have not been altered from the original weathered version and are screen printed 1 color on 19 x12.5 French Paper 140lb. paper. Includes a screen printed tag with story and print edition number.
Available in 2 versions: Black on Kraft paper and Metallic Gold on Black paper.