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 Draplin : I mean, come on, who uses a comb anymore? All the reason to make these suckers. We’re always trying to get our act together, so, this one just might be the kick in the ass we need. Maybe not. Nevertheless, we’ll look good trying. Debatable.

Each comb comes with a weird vinyl case to protect the thing from dust mites or stray particles of Gold Bond ball powder that might be wafting around inside your travel case.

Moms, you need one for that yer kid’s “first day of school” portrait. Fathers, you need it for that “wicked-ass set of sideburns” you are growing out.

Simple design, with one half of the comb’s bristles dedicated to “getting things into order” and the other half, slightly tighter in formation, dedicated to “fine tuning” that mess up above.

Good for back pockets, travel cases or the glove box of yer car minutes before that next big job interview.

Tonsorially speaking: “You need one of these.”

Product Details :

01. Unbreakable plastic! Says it on the comb and everything.
02. “Dandruff Flake White” imprint on “Lube Grease Black.”
03. One size fits all.
04. Fine tooth and loose tooth bristles.
05. Smooth plastic.
06. Weird vinyl protective case.
07. Looks good in a medicine chest.
08. Easy to use.
09. Durable. Will outlast you and your first born.
10. Fits in all pockets. Five inches, to be exact.
11. For all hair types.
12. Proudly “Made in the U.S.A.”


DDC Hair Organizer

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