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Draplin : Our original hexagonal pencil sold out back in 2007 or something. That’s a long time ago. We’ve been waiting in the wings until we found the PERFECT hexagonal pencil, Made in the USA, with customizable art. The usual fare with these guys is that you get to pick from a list of 12 standard fonts, and that shit doesn’t fly with the DDC. So we’re proud to offer our new “Pencil of Six Sides” in 6-Packs, or as singles. We recommend the 6-Pack. What the hell, right? Stock the fuck up.

Product Details :

01. Festive variety of colors.
02. Works in pencil sharpeners.
03. “60 degree angle” hexagonal corners for “Never Fail” grip.
04. Over 50 miles of writing in each unit.
05. Gummy material on end known as an, “Eraser.” Corrects mistakes.
06. Brute-force stamped ink application.
07. Good for doodling on employer’s dime in meetings.
08. For both left-handed and right-handed patrons.
09. No.2 lead, factory-installed.
10. Letterpress graphic application.
11. Inspired by this amazing collection.
12. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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DDC Pencil of Six Sides

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